Romance Stories That Blow Your Head: Billionaire; Bad Boy; Affairs

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4 min readSep 12, 2018

For those who like the romance novel, clear your reading list!

This week three popular romance stories are picked from Dreame, a female reading platform. These stories were selected because of popularity, quality, and diversity. Enough talk, let’s get to the books!

Marry to Mr. Rich Jerk
  1. Married to Mr. Rich Jerk: A hurricane of a romance with a cold-blooded billionaire at its center.

Shamika R**kar: Oh my god, it seems interesting… I’m looking forward to reading it

Brief Introduction: This is a classic romantic story between a possessive rich man and a normal girl. The story opens with the confliction between the two characters; the heroine Rhea wants to save her brother, whose career has been ruined by the hero Ryan Parker. Her braveness is considered a provocation by Ryan. So he forces her to be his assistant in order to try to torture her. As Rhea embarks on her adventure in Ryan’s company, you may know how it feels to work for the possessive boss Ryan, and explore what he has experienced to make him cold-blooded. The continuously emerging events and supporting characters build an immersive atmosphere and the author keeps you in suspense — how could this couple with hatred get married? And who will fall in love first? These are the anticipated points of the story.

Author of the story: Taani Singh

Taani is an author good at creating plots in suspense and tension. You will never get bored when reading her books. With the plot developing, she successfully uses the actions of the characters to depict the personalities of them. Therefore even the evil characters in her story seem appealing to readers.

Forbidden Love

2. Forbidden Love: The first taste of love in high school

Emily Wh**t: Oh my god it is so good I love it!!! Please update soon I love it so much! You are amazing

Brief Introduction: Veronica is a normal girl studying in Virtue High School, a place where classes are split according to rank. She finds herself going mad for the president of the Student Union, Aaron Draper, who is cool and in the top rank. The story develops with her trying different tricks to attract him, and it is gradually revealed that Aaron has been obsessed with her for a long time. The appeal of the story is that you can see the lovely thoughts only belonging to teenagers falling in love. If you like romantic story happening in high school with a cheerful and comedic atmosphere and a relatively fast pacing, don’t miss this story.

Author of the story: Lovely Panda

As a featured author on Dreame, Lovely Panda is known for her romantic novels happening on campus. She is good at building an immersive atmosphere with a joyful tone and detailed setting. In real life, she is also a prolific gardener.

High School Romance: My Brother’s Best Friend

3. My Brother's Best Friend: Love, lies, and misplaced loyalties collide when Brook falls for her brothers’ best friend in this thrilling read.

Alisha Gr**t: This is still my favorite story! Well done!

Lydia K*h: Stories between James and Brook gives me mixed feelings, and I am truly hoping for their long

brief introduction: After a long summer vacation, Brook returns to her hometown to begin a new semester. Upon her return James, her brother’s best friend, discovers Brook to no longer be the sweet girl he remembered, but a stunning and provocative woman. His feeling flares for her but quickly dampens when Brook starts meeting up with the hottest guy in school, Dean. Stories start to run wild about Brook and her mysterious ex-boyfriend. In such complex dramas, is James be brave enough to take things further with Brook?

Author of the story: Desiree Smith

A very thoughtful writer, with an amazing ability to creatively capture the characters and plot of his novels. He has a strong passion for exploring new creative patterns and backgrounds. Of course, he loves romance, but gravitates towards the more unusual romance stories.