Fantasy and Game — What Genres Is Ringdom Looking for?

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4 min readDec 31, 2021

In the world of web fiction, authors are not writing alone. Readers’ real-time support and feedback are the best fuel for authors in the process. Thus, many outstanding web fiction authors are both good storytellers and market detectors.

In the current market, which genres are trending? What concepts should I notice? What plots will catch readers’ attention? These are some common questions that authors might ask themselves during writing online. In this article, editors from Ringdom will give their insights about all these questions.

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First of all, what is Ringdom?

While Dreame has been a great success in romance novel distribution, as another Stary-owned APP, Ringdom is devoted to developing adventure novels that are high-concept and fast-paced. Stories on Ringdom are more about the power pursuit of the protagonist. Personal growth within thrilling challenges and fights are the mainstream of Ringdom stories.

Fantasy and Surreal Elements

Most fantasy stories are developed with surreal elements, such as magic, monsters, and the undead, contributing to a hero’s journey. For example, the hero or heroine was an ordinary person, but they grew stronger through endless efforts, eventually becoming powerful and immortal. In a word, make the impossible possible.

The Hobbit and Harry Potter are two typical fantasy novels famous to all. Unbelievable magic, thrilling fights, tough challenges, and epic missions…All the compelling plots and settings drag readers into the authors’ wild imaginations.

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Here is one example under the Fantasy genre on Ringdom. The hero of The Fiend’s Creation System (FCS) is the promising prince who is supposed to have a bright future until his royal family gets betrayed and slaughtered, and our hero is on the run. After activating a creation system, the prince takes his chance to avenge his family’s tragedy. Unlike many others, FCS has learned from Zerg in Starcraft and refreshed the idea of System by structuring it as Collective Consciousness.

Although many stories tell of heroes or heroines leveling up to become the most powerful mage or cultivator in another world, this story still makes us surprised when reading that the hero is leading a swarm marching to bring Apocalypse to the magic land.

Game and Legend

For fans of online games, this genre should not be unfamiliar. As you fight with your player character online, the main character also creates the game legend. From video games, E-sports to VRMMORPG, you can realize all your dreams about the game adventure here. Given the game setting, all the protagonist’s progression in such web fiction can be shown clearly and systematically, making it easier for readers to follow which level the MC reaches.

While writing a novel under this genre, you can use your game experience for reference. For instance, when manipulating the player character, we always dream of killing the games. When writing a story, why not make the MC realize it? The MC may open a rare treasure chest, obtain the best weapon, contract the strongest companion animal, or receive a legendary quest. Also, the MC could learn insane skills through different trials, which empower him to fight enemy sieges and beat them back.

Eternal Empire Online: The Rise of the Mythical Detective is a story under the Game genre on Ringdom. To save his sister and fight against his father, the hero in this story steps into the VR game sweeping the world, Eternal Empire. To save his sister and fight against his father, the MC steps into the VR game sweeping the world, Eternal Empire. He keeps leveling up and shows his strong leadership within the fights. With playing goes, his empires in both real life and the game world are gradually established. However, Eternal Empire is not just a game. The supernatural power in it can affect reality as well! What conspiracy is behind it? Where will the MC be ahead? All the mysteries are waiting for readers to unfold.

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This novel uses the feature of VR games, presenting a systematic weak-to-strong path for the MC. Many fantasy elements are also introduced, which shows a natural combination of real-life and isekai adventure. More surprisingly, the typesetting of this work is excellent, which makes the story read smoothly on screen. This aspect is usually ignored by authors but is very important. If the content is structured messy, many readers will directly quit the page no matter how attractive the story is.

So, that’s what we have all about today. If you are interested in the genres that Ringdom looks for, Escaping Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest calls for submissions now. A total of 18 competitors will be awarded, and the first-place winner will take home a $6,000 cash prize. DO NOT MISS IT!