How Can Stories Attract Millions?

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3 min readSep 6, 2021


What kind of fiction genre is selling like crazy right now? What type of story has a shortcut to success? How do I get in the writing business and attract massive readers with the least effort?

Suppose you are looking for answers to the questions above. Sorry for tricking you in, as we don’t have a standard answer to that. And to be clear, no one has the cure-all solutions, nor can they guarantee your success for sure. However, we do have some helpful information to share with you and maybe shed some light on these realistic questions.

What is the fastest way to reach massive readers?

The answer is writing online.

Techniques develop, life changes, so does writing. The Internet has tremendously shaped many traditional industries. Book and publishing are no exception. Along with the drastic change, online reading and writing platforms begin to flourish and accumulate a large number of users around the world. With this user base, writers’ works can be easily seen and appreciated by millions.

These days, writing online is a promising and practical career as online reading platforms like Dreame can offer their authors a stable income even they only need to write at home. Take Dreame as an example. It already has more than 1 million users worldwide two years ago in 2019. With potential readers of this amount, writers who create stories at Dreame can have more possibilities than ever. And by creating popular stories, these writers can easily gain profits and even earn a six-figure monthly income.

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What type of stories are trending?

When looking up the hottest genres online, you might find related reports like What are the Upcoming Trends in Fiction, 6 Current Trends In Popular Fiction Genres, 2021 Market Trends in Book Publishing, etc. These articles all share some unique understanding of the market and provide solid explanations of their standpoints. Taking into consideration their findings, we can see that Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Suspense/thriller are currently trending.

There has always been a strong relationship between romance and the other three genres, making it the best-selling genre. These elements can be easily found in many famous stories and their adaptations depicting the love and complications of the werewolf, vampire, fairy, or witch/wizard.

To further prove this point, we can take a close look at the Ranking List of the Stary 3rd Anniversary. This yearly event provides a platform for readers to pick and vote on their favorite stories so that authors can get promotions and even win publishing opportunities. Millions of votes from readers around the world have flooded into the Ranking Lists, and stories of the genres mentioned above are extremely popular. Take the English Ranking List as an example. The top 5 stories are His Redemption, Prince Reagan, The Lycan King’s Mate, My Miracle Luna, and Year of Goodbyes. All of them can prove these genres are trending. Especially, His Redemption, the number one on the list, is a perfect example of paranormal romance depicting the tangled but sweet love between the werewolf hero and heroine.

It is no easy job to create a hit book. Finding the right place and a good entry point will be “well-begun half done.” If you are an aspiring writer and eager to realize your potential in writing, you can always find a proper platform and write based on these latest trends and hot spots of writing. Learn from the best then you might become the best. Also, you can practice these genres by joining the ongoing writing contest Stary Writing Academy III to get a fast start. By creating a fascinating story with viral trends, you could make a difference in writing and probably start an adventure of becoming a superstar writer.