How to Find the Right Platform, Become a Contracted Author, and Receive Royalties? — — Take Dreame as an Example

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6 min readJun 3, 2020


Are you eager to become a contracted author but do not know how to start?

Are you confused about how to choose a theme that will attract more readers?

Why do authors that have signed the same contract initially, end up with significant discrepancies in royalties after only a few months?

As a newcomer, you must write a good story, but that isn’t enough. You need to get the right kind of exposure, and a part of that is ensuring that the right platform is hosting your story. What follows are some tips that would help you on your journey to success.

Precautions before signing the contract

1. Make An Informed Decision

For newcomers that want to be contracted to a writing platform as authors, the first step is not to create an account with any random platforms and apply for a contract. Instead, take the time to evaluate which types of stories they publish and the direction of the platform, so that you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not the particular platform would be a good match for you. This step is crucial but often overlooked. Although almost all of the classification and navigational toolbars on writing and reading platforms are similar, the proportion of different story types will always be different. Some may have more romance novels, adventure stories, erotica, and so on. Often, just a quick glance at a platform’s Home Page is enough to say: “THIS PLATFORM IS NOT FOR YOU!

Here is a tip: almost every mature platform conducts marketing researches regularly. Authors can determine the creative direction that they might want to take based on the contents that are featured on Home Pages. These books are highlighted as “Flagships” because they have been proven to be marketable. For example, if you noticed that LGBT+ novels are frequently featured on different platforms, you may want to consider writing an LGBT+ novel.

LGBT+ Writing Contest on Dreame

You can learn the information from the following aspects:

·Book recommendation on the homepage of the platform

·The recommendations in the Editor’s Choice column

·The number of books in different categories and on the Bestsellers’ List

·Writing activities, like writing contest

·Recommended books on social media

·Direct communication with the editor

We can see from Dreame’s website page that Dreame currently has lots of books in the werewolf, vampire, romance, and billionaire categories. Thus, it would be easier to find readers if you wrote these types of stories. If you’re good at writing fantasy, adventure & doomsday stories, it would probably be better for you to publish your book on Ringdom instead of Dreame.

Trending, Recommended and Popular books on Dreame

Judging from the writing contest “girl power counter-attack” organized by Dreame, the injured and rescued female characters are becoming increasingly unpopular. Independent and determined female characters are gradually replacing them. In another contest, “multi-professional billionaire,” we can see the changing trend of the story type of billionaire: professionalism. If you are considering writing a story of this type, try to arrange a clear occupation for your protagonist: doctor, lawyer, actor, fireman, etc.

Multi-professional Billionaire Writing Contest on Dreame

Also, don’t forget about the editors. Editors know the most about their platforms and the authors they feature. If you have any questions about writing or signing a contract, don’t hesitate to ask the editors directly. More accurate answers should be available.

2. Application for a contract

The signing processes for each platform have no significant difference. Dreame, for instance, would require the following steps:

1. Create an account

2. Upload the book

3. Apply for contract

4. Accepted/Rejected

Application form on Dreame

In this process, there are ways to increase the possibility of being signed:

1. Write down your narrative and main characters in the application signing form in detail to help the editor understand your story better.

2. Actively update (preferably daily update) and proactively respond to readers’ comments in the comment area.

You can earn money by updating

The editors have tons of books to review every day. Your application form is very likely to be ignored if there are only a few simple sentences. What you need to do is to show the editor the advantages of your book as much as possible to attract them. If neither your plot nor your characters attract the editor, it will be difficult to attract readers.

Actively updating and responding to readers will not only leave a good impression on the editor, but it will also help you gain more readers. The readers have limited patience. If you update too slowly, or if you do not reply to their messages, they will quickly forget about your book and read other stories instead.

If you are not offered a contract, don’t worry. This is very common. All you need to do is to modify your narrative and submit it again. You can ask the editor why your book was rejected and how to improve your work. Some websites provide practical writing tutorials (writing guidance on Dreame, for example), and you can improve your narrative based on writing tutorials.

3. Get royalties

Not all books will earn royalties as soon as they are uploaded. You need to build up a fan base. If your book is added to the library by more than 500 people on Dreame, for instance, you can apply to join the Pay-To-Read Program. Readers pay by chapters to read your book, and you get royalties from it.

Ways to increase royalties:

1. Engaging story: this is essential. The quality of the story is the most important factor in determining the number of readers and your royalty income. Becoming a top-notch writer is a long-term improvement project, and we provide a lot of writing tutorials to help you on your journey.

2. Promotion on the website: you may not feel it immediately, but platform like Dreame invests a lot of effort into promoting our authors. For example, top books are advertised on social media platforms like Facebook. If you hope to have your book added to the Pay-To-Read Program, you should:

·Create a title that appeals to readers

· Upload attractive covers

·Choose the right starting point for Pay-To-Read

·Communicate actively with editors and maintain good cooperation

· Stick to daily updates

Special Cover on Dreame

I need to emphasize the importance of communicating with editors again. You have to understand that editors have the same goal as you do, which is to get more readers and income for the books. Excellent communication and cooperation can help your book get more opportunities in different ways, so don’t hesitate to send emails to communicate with your editor.

I hope that your first step in becoming an author will go smoothly. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to let me know.