Interview with Dreame Ace Author Sky Angel: Unveiling the Magic Behind Her Breathtaking Novels

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6 min readJul 11, 2023


Experience the allure of Sky Angel, a bestselling author whose novels bring romance to life. With her work “Prince Reagan” garnering over 6 million reads on Dreame, she has captured the hearts of countless readers. Discover the inspiration behind her captivating stories and gain exclusive insights into her creative process.

Q1. To begin, could you please introduce yourself and provide some insights into your journey as a writer?

Hi, My pen name is Sky Angel. I keep my real identity on lockdown because I’m not ready to reveal that part of myself to the world yet.

Angel is actually extracted from one of my names — Angela.

Growing up, I read a lot of novels from different genres, but I have always been attracted to and fascinated with the fantasy genre. It doesn’t matter if it was mixed with romance or not. I just love a world where the impossible can become possible; and I wanted to create a world of my own. A world others can explore uniquely in their minds.

Right from the start, I always knew I was going to be a writer. At that time, though, I didn’t think my folks would be impressed with this path when everyone else wanted to be doctors, lawyers, engineers and all the other big ones. But I knew that no matter the line of profession I would choose later on, writing would always be something I would do on the side also, either as a hobby or a side job.

Now though, I am thinking of it as a full-time job. As I grow as an author with my books reaching more readers, I am inspired to create more unique content as my passion grows for it.

Q2. Can you share some of the challenges you faced as a young writer and how you overcame them to chase your dreams?

I remember starting to write on my phone. Yes, my phone which was why the first payments I received from my books were invested into repairing my laptop.

When I put my first chapters out there on wattpad, it barely got any reads, at first which was discouraging and made me delete the whole thing. I tried again with other apps, but I wasn’t patient. I wanted reads fast. So when I got none, I kept deleting.

During the pandemic of 2020, I had lots of time on my hands, so I tried a new site and decided to be patient this time. To my surprise, I woke up one morning to not just reads, but likes, comments and the rest. But of course, popularity comes with its own pitfalls. Critics for example.

When I got my first critic, it was horrible because it was mainly just insults and someone telling me I could never be a writer. That was a real donwer. “Critics” forget that authors are humans; we’re not perfect and we learn everyday. Bullying us isn’t the best way to get us to learn, but they don’t care about that.

Someone, however, adviced me to not let it get to me because as I grew, I would hear even worse comments. And they were right! I get tons of hate comments, but now, I am barely bothered because it just shows that I’m reaching a larger audience.

I do try my possible best to listen and learn from criticism if constructively submitted. In fact, this is one of the best ways to grow as an author. Listening to your readers. One will be surprised how much you can learn from them.

Q3. Your novels have a rich romantic flavor. Where do you draw inspiration, and what is your creative process like?

My ideas come from various sources. Reading similar books is one. Movies also help. After, I lie down in a quiet space and imagine ways I could make scenes even better, and I let it all just play out in my mind.

Musics also help. I just put on my headphones, play some smooth and nice love song and live out the scene in my head. This is one of my favourite to do. I just need a start, and my mind does the rest.

Q4. As an accomplished bestselling author, what do you consider the most critical aspect of writing compelling novels?

To catch a reader’s attention quickly, you need to either do it from the start of the novel or in the summary of the novel. One of my novels has a boring beginning, but the summary is what keeps the readers going. This, I’ve been told.

Keeping a reader’s attention, though, isn’t as easy as one thinks. An author has to make sure their work isn’t too predictable for readers. Keep in mind, these readers have read different kinds of novels and have read different ways a scenerio can play out. So I have to make plot-twists that actually makes them pause for a minute. Having a good twist to your story keeps your readers wanting more.

Q5. Your readers predominantly consist of young people. Could you share your thoughts on catering to this age group?

Being young myself, I write what I would like to read, and I have soon come to realize that young readers almost share the same taste. My main characters are mostly about that age also and young readers can relate to them more, their flaws, etc. Also, the genre fantasy, which is what I write more on, is something popular among young readers. I build on that and hope for the best.

Q6. Do you have any unique insights or processes in approaching writing? Are there specific times or settings that you find most conducive to your creative process?

Mixing fantasy with contemporary romance is my forte. It’s fascinating to combine these two worlds and make the best out of it. I’ve always wanted to mix up historical fiction and fantasy as well. I feel that would make an excellent story, and hopefully, I wish to later create this. I would advice that whatever time period one wants to work on, read extensively on it if you’re not well-versed with the time period. Do research and pick one you know you could get good information on.

Pick a style you find easy and that comes natural to you.

Q7. What can readers expect from you in the future? Are there any exciting new projects in the works?

I hope to continue the Lycan thrope series and explore with other characters after I’m done with Tempting Jocelyn. Some particular characters seemed to have won my readers’ heart, and even I would like to give them a story of their own.

Q8. Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring writers or those currently working on their own projects? Any guidance or words of wisdom for individuals pursuing their dreams?

I am going to emphasis on what I already stated earlier on.

Patience and consistency is the key. No matter where you put your work, you’ll always have at least one reader interested. Cherish those little readers you have at first, and work with them. Listen to their comments and try to improve your writing style. Eventually, you will get the recognition you deserve.

A well-constructed review(emphasis on well-constructed)shouldn’t put you down. Take it and learn from it.

Lastly, read just as much as you write. Read anything you can get your hands on. Make sure you also have access to Research resources, because you’ll be doing a lot of it.

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