Is Becoming a Writer an Unattainable Dream? Come Here to Reveal the Stary Writers’ Stories!

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Can you imagine that your friends around you, who may be an office clerk, a high school student, or a salesperson, is an online writer with thousands of followers? A Stary writer said, “I’m still a senior high school student. That’s why the people around me are always amazed and proud whenever they find out that I am a writer”.

We have collected some stories from Stary writers and learned that these excellent writers who have created countless popular novels also have a hidden side to their lives. Why not approach these writers now and know about their stories?

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When did you start writing, and how long has it lasted?

@Marriah: I’ve been writing for over ten years now. I’ve been on Dreame for about two years and in that time I’ve gotten to connect with so many incredible readers. I have always been passionate about reading and writing, and the fact that I get to write things that people enjoy reading is such an honor. I feel grateful every day.

@Alcione02: I’ve been using the pen name for five years since I started writing online. But it’s been more than two years since I first signed with Stary, and it’s been the best decision for me, and now I am one of their full-time writers.

@Fantastic Yeoja: I am a registered nurse who works in the ICU. I started writing fanfictions about K-pop when I was 17 which transitioned to new adult novels later on.

@LuckyZero: I began to write in the year 2014. I write different romance stories. Writing was just my hobby but eventually became my passion. Writing for me is like a huge door into the wide world of imagination where nothing is impossible.

Through the writers sharing above, we learned that writers on Stary Writing have rich writing experience. Their social identities are different, but with their love of writing, they have gathered on the platform of Stary Writing and realized the dream of a writer. Whether they write full-time or part-time, they are all great creators!

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Is it difficult to be an online writer?

@Paige Christine Warden: My writing experience on Dreame has been remarkable. To me, it just started as an app to easily read some good books on until, one day, I decided to give posting my own writing a try. I was nervous, I didn’t know how my writing would be perceived but I have been graciously surprised. Dreame makes posting easy and reliable.

@Ayami: I’ve been a number one fan of romance novels starting from Jane Austen down to Colleen Hoover, and I’ve always wanted to be a writer who can touch hearts and lives. I wasn’t the girl whom you can have an easy conversation with. Growing up as a shy kid, it has been a talent to be in a constant dialogue with my head and I think that was how I was able to write stories.

We used to think that being a writer was an unattainable dream, but through sharing writers’ stories on Stary Writing, we know that it is not difficult to become an online writer. If you have a story to tell, you write it down right away, and you can be the next online writer.

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What changes has writing on Dreame brought to you?

@Reshma: From an avid reader to a rising writer, Reshma, a lovely fan in Dreame, has turned her interest into a promising career with only a few months.

@JannDG: When she was a little girl, she even could not afford a library card. After growing up, she learnt to cope with poverty by writing. She went through these lonely moments and never gave up on her writing dream. Now she proudly says that she survived the terrible days. Every second she spends on writing makes her become a better person.

@Fantastic Yeoja: Dreame opened up a lot of opportunities and firsts for me. At first, I thought writing would only be a hobby and not a source of income. But it all changed when I got that invitation to join the platform. Dreame taught me that I can earn doing what I love and enjoy. To be honest, it has changed my life in more ways than I could imagine — a change that even my day job wasn’t able to offer me. Also, writing on Dreame helped me and my family live through the pandemic. But that isn’t all. Through Dreame, I was able to come across readers from all over the world in different walks of life. I was able to interact with them and get closer to them. Reading their comments — positive and negative — inspires me to keep improving my craft.

Before starting to write, some writers probably had experienced poverty, confusion, and loss, but some of them earned a lot through writing, some of them achieved their dreams, and some found the direction of life. Therefore, insist on what you love, then passion will lead you to the right path.

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What have you gained from writing?

@LuckyZero: It’s almost a year now since I decided to share my stories on dreame. For me, Dreame is one of the best platforms where writers can share and published their stories. Dreame is not just a home of quality novels for readers but also a home of passionate writers that are eager to show their talents and the beauty of their minds through writing. Dreame gives me not only the chance to share my stories but also gives me the opportunity to inspire and influence readers through my written novels.

@Skylar: Imagine that you are a 19-year-old amateur writer with almost zero experience in writing stories. Do you believe your first story will receive more than 3 million reads? For most people, it seems impossible. But on Dreame, I have made it come true.

@Amina: A year ago I built up all my courage and finally revealed myself. I was blessed and happy when all my family and collage accepted and supported my life as a writer.I have written many numbers of stories on Dreame, 90 percent of them being fantasy romance. My most popular book on Dreame is Book 2 of the mate series “Beta’s Second Chance”. It has over 1 million views and my reader’s comment on how they enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions they experienced.

Writing will bring you hope in difficult moments. If you have a dream of becoming a writer, come to Stary Writing to realize it. The Stary 3rd Anniversary has just ended; many writers have reaped great rewards from this event. And the upcoming Stary Writing Academy III is a golden chance not to be missed!

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