Is Becoming a Writer an Unattainable Dream? Come Here to Reveal the Stary Writers’ Stories!

Can you imagine that your friends around you, who may be an office clerk, a high school student, or a salesperson, is an online writer with thousands of followers? A Stary writer said, “I’m still a senior high school student. That’s why the people around me are always amazed and proud whenever they find out that I am a writer”.

We have collected some stories from Stary writers and learned that these excellent writers who have created countless popular novels also have a hidden side to their lives. Why not approach these writers now and know about their stories?

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When did you start writing, and how long has it lasted?

Through the writers sharing above, we learned that writers on Stary Writing have rich writing experience. Their social identities are different, but with their love of writing, they have gathered on the platform of Stary Writing and realized the dream of a writer. Whether they write full-time or part-time, they are all great creators!

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Is it difficult to be an online writer?

We used to think that being a writer was an unattainable dream, but through sharing writers’ stories on Stary Writing, we know that it is not difficult to become an online writer. If you have a story to tell, you write it down right away, and you can be the next online writer.

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What changes has writing on Dreame brought to you?

Before starting to write, some writers probably had experienced poverty, confusion, and loss, but some of them earned a lot through writing, some of them achieved their dreams, and some found the direction of life. Therefore, insist on what you love, then passion will lead you to the right path.

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What have you gained from writing?

Writing will bring you hope in difficult moments. If you have a dream of becoming a writer, come to Stary Writing to realize it. The Stary 3rd Anniversary has just ended; many writers have reaped great rewards from this event. And the upcoming Stary Writing Academy III is a golden chance not to be missed!

Join us and become a Superstar Writer!



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