Ringdom 70 Days Themed-writing Challenge is Calling for Submissions

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3 min readSep 30, 2020

Ringdom has launched the 70 Days Themed-writing Challenge on September 20, 2020. This writing contest will last 70 days till November 30, 2020. This contest is calling submissions with three trendiest elements — LitRPG, Apocalypse, and Isekai.

Ringdom is an exclusive sub-brand of Stary. Stary experiences in incubating and promoting digital literature works. With the high-speed development in recent years, Stary now owns multiple sub-brands with a vast number of users in more than 100 countries and regions. The massive readership helps Stary writers achieve more target readers. Nowadays, some Stary authors can earn a monthly income of around 100,000 USD.

The Hottest Genres

Ringdom aims to solicit outstanding adventure novels — it experts in original stories with elements like Fantasy, Paranormal Urban, Apocalypse, and Game. Based on the previous experience and analysis, Ringdom realizes that although the trend of online reading is fast-changing, LitRPG, Apocalypse, and Isekai have attracted a lot of attention. Through this writing contest, Ringdom expects to continually develop LitRPG stories, Apocalypse stories, and Isekai stories. Participants can pick one of these genres and write their stories in 70 Day to win multiple awards.

Multiple Awards

In this writing contest, Ringdom has set multiple awards to reward outstanding stories and authors. These awards cover almost every step in writing a story.

There are two final awards. Three finalists who win the Best Concept will achieve 300 USD respectively, while three Best Plot Twist winners will win 1500 USD each. Besides, all the finalists can join author interviews to introduce their books to more readers.

Except for finalists, every entry has the possibility to win bonuses. For instance, by publishing three thousand words in a book, writers can apply to contact. As long as their stories are successfully signed by Ringdom, they will gain bonuses and receive editorial feedback. After this step, participants enter the race of the Best Concept. If a writer keeps updating the story at a regular pace and completes it above a certain amount of word count, he or she will also receive corresponding cash rewards.

Career Development

Besides cash prizes, the finalists in this contest will win the chance to earn stable monthly incomes by writing at home, due to the Full-time Writer Program. Ringdom launches this program to boost writers’ career development by providing a stable income, offering promotional service, and providing editorial help.

Also, entries in this writing contest will be included in the Pay-to-read Program, which means readers will pay to unlock chapters, then authors can earn royalty from readers’ payment. This program ensures authors can gain long-term incomes with their works.

It is not the first time that Ringdom holds writing competitions. Earlier this year, the Fantastic Life Writing Contest received around 1,000 submissions worldwide, and 6 of them took away prizes of 13,000 USD in total. The various competitions provide writers a chance to win cash rewards and improve writing skills.

Now a brand new contest is aimed to create the next top story and writer. It is a perfect stage for writers who want to show their talents.