Ringdom Has Launched the Stary Writing Academy II Writing Competition that Provides A 115,500 USD Grand Prize

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2 min readFeb 9, 2021

On 8th February 2021, Ringdom has launched the Stary Writing Academy II Competition. The grand prize is up to 115,500 USD. After the first Stary Writing Academy Competition on Dreame, this competition calls for stories with genres like Fantasy, Urban, Game, Sic-fi, etc. Writers can submit multilingual unpublished stories, published stories, or new stories to strive for the biggest award.

Generous Cash Awards and Hardcover Publishing

There are two awards in the Stary Writing Academy II, the Winners’ Awards and the Story of the Month Awards. The top 20 stories will be rewarded the Winners’ Awards with a prize from 1,000 USD to 50,000 USD. Besides, during the competition, the story with the most outstanding performance in a month will be announced as the Story of the Month and received a 1,500 USD cash prize. The first prize winner will get his/her story published as a hardcover.

Book Promotion and Career Development

Stary has an aim to build globally influential stories and support writers to reach a larger readership. Therefore, along with the cash awards above, the winning stories will be included in the advertising campaigns on multiple platforms (including platforms that Stary runs and other social media), and share with more than 100 million readers.

Also, Stary will invite writers who have shown their talent and potential to join the Full-time Writer Program. A Stary Full-time Writer is able to write at home with a stable monthly income. Writers who tend to treat writing as a career choice should not miss this chance to take a big step in their writing career.

About Stary Writing Academy

Stary is an entertainment company of storytelling. With a mission to provide global users with top original content, the Stary Writing Academy is launched to find the next top writer and provide writers with more opportunities for further career development.

The first Stary Writing Academy Competition was organized by Dreame. Winners shared 100,000 USD, and the winning stories achieved over one million reads. This time, the Stary Writing Academy is committed to seeking excellent adventure novels.

Suppose you are willing to share your unique adventure world with readers all over the world. In that case, just submit your novel to Stary Writing Academy II from today to 31st July 2021!

For more details, please check here, and follow @starywriting on Facebook to get the latest information about Stary Writing Academy.