Stary Writing Academy: The Next Top Writer Will Be Born from Online Writing

Imagine that you are going to publish an original story into a hardcover. What challenges might you need to face? Losing creative control about the book title and book cover might be the least significant one. After the book is published, you still need to spend a lot of effort on book promotion. Even though traditional publishing would help achieve a greater reputation, it also ups the standard for writers, especially freelance writers, to enter the industry.


In contrast, online writing has almost no barriers to entry. With the development of online writing platforms, writing enthusiasts have more opportunities to write in a more flexible and relaxed style and share their works with others. Siti Khodjiah is one of them. She is a single mother who raises two children on her own and always has a passion for writing, but massive daily work and housework lead to a lack of time and energy in writing. During a tough time of divorce, she started writing online and finally found a new direction in her life.

Also, online writing has the strengths of inclusiveness, timeliness, and diversity. Through the Internet, every fiction can be read by millions of readers worldwide as long as it is published on an online reading platform. Which makes monetize stories online become possible for online writers. Take Siti as an example, she nowadays has become financially independent after publishing several fictions on Dreame.


There is a trend that more and more writing enthusiasts start writing online. Some of them might be talented, but most of them have rare opportunities to take professional writing courses, which leads to the quality of some online stories are not that pleasant. This phenomenon has raised awareness among online reading platforms. As an entertainment company of storytelling that runs multiple reading platforms, Stary has launched a cultivating competition, Stary Writing Academy, in 2020 to provide professional writers with opportunities for further career development and boost novice writers.

The first Stary Writing Academy competition has lasted six months, and the winners shared a grand cash prize of 100,000 USD. This competition has received more than 10,000 submissions, and tens of thousands of writers attended the free writing courses during the competition.

In 2021, Stary has launched a brand-new writing competition to find undiscovered writers and explore high-quality original stories with multiple genres and languages. The Stary Writing Academy II is officially launched this February to find the best adventure story. This competition now is calling for Fantasy, Urban, Game, and Sci-fi stories. The winners will share a grand cash prize of 115,500 USD, and the first prize winner will get his or her story to publish into hardcover.

If you are willing to share the most exciting adventure story in your mind with more than 100,000,000 readers worldwide, please click here to get more information.



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