Stary Writing Academy: Two Things You Need to Know About the Publishing Industry in 2021

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3 min readApr 25, 2021


This month, Stary works with Lovrinz Publishing and publishes two Innovel stories as print books. Ta’aruf and Bukan Pernikahan Impian are two popular Innovel stories from writer Indriani Sonaris. Now, these two novels are in hot sales on Shopee.

Bukan Pernikahan Impian

Frankly, e-books have developed rapidly. The sales of e-books grow quickly. But will e-books replace print books? Meanwhile, a rising number of books are first published on online reading platforms then successfully printed on paper. What is the new pattern of publishing? This article is going to give answers.

Print Books Will Be Replaced by E-books? Not True!

The NPD BookScan reported that unit sales of print books in the first half of 2020 were up 2.8% over the same period in 2019 in the U.S. The number of copies sold experienced growth from 313.5 million to 322.1 million at the same time.

This situation shows that many people still love physical books and are willing to consume print books, especially when they have to stay at home because of the pandemic and have a lot of free time to read. The printing is not going to disappear. Quocirca’s Global Print 2025 Study claimed that 64% of the business believed printing would remain important well in 2025. Also, the development of online shopping provides people a chance to get books without going to a book shop.

In 2021, the forecast of e-books will replace print books will not happen. By contrast, the sales of the print book will still witness steady growth.

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Collaborative Publishing is a Win-win Game for Both Writers and Publishers

Publishing a print book is not that challenging in recent years. Self-publishing makes publishing more accessible for people and allows almost every writer to get a print book. In 2021, self-publishing is still to provide people who aim to publish an “in.” But as more and more indie writers get involved in self-publishing, more of them have realized that it was hard to succeed in the crowded marketplace on one own.

Writers can provide compelling works, but these works still needed to be edited, designed, and promoted to succeed. The publishers with a great wealth of experience and knowledge about the industry can bridge the gap between writers and the market. Collaborating with traditional publishers or group, it is a win-win game for both writers and publishers. This pattern of publishing is predicted to be potential. In 2021, we might witness a lot of great works published in this way.

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The publishing industry faced a rapid change in the past decades. The Internet and self-publishing provide everyone a chance to share their works with others even get printed. But it is even more challenging for writers to stand out.

Stary has forged partnerships with world-renewed publishers and published multiple print books in the past few years. These excellent books, including Ta’aruf and Bukan Pernikahan Impian, are sold to the world and loved by readers worldwide. In 2021, Stary still seeks to build a cooperative relationship with talented writers and publish high-quality novels together.

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