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3 min readFeb 24, 2021

Stary officially launched Stary Writing in October 2020. It is a one-stop writing platform that combines writing, publishing, marketing, and book adapting. Now, Stary Writing provides services all over the world and values high-quality original content. Writers on Stary Writing can monetize stories, achieve better career development, and witness their stories adapted into various multi-media products. More than 100 thousand authors have created and published over 300 thousand stories here. These stories are loved by more than 100 million readers worldwide.

This article will give you a quick look at how to create a story, add a new episode, update a book cover, and participate in a writing contest on Stary Writing. Also, there is a quick introduction to the Dashboard.

1.How to Create a New Story?

If you are a new member, you can start with creating a new story on Stary Writing. First, log in with your Google account, Facebook account, or email. Then on the home page, click the New Story+ button. Before writing down the first word, please clear the Content Guideline and fill out the information about your story.

2.How to Add a New Episode on Stary Writing?

When you are going to publishing a new chapter to a story, choose the story you want to update, then click the New Episode+ button. On the episode writing page, there is a button called Author’s Note. By leaving your thoughts about the story, the core of this chapter, or anything you want to say to readers, you can catch readers’ eyes and let readers know you and your story better.

3.How to Update a Cover to Your Story?

An attractive cover is an essential part of a best-selling story. On Stary Writing, you can add or change the story cover as you like. First, click the three dots icon, then select Manage Story to enter the story managing page. Then you can upload a cover for your story from the computer on the left side of the page.

4.How to Attend a Writing Contest?

Stary has launched various writing competitions to boost writers’ growth and encourage further career development. To participate in a writing contest, you can first view the information about these contests under the Learn More button on the home page. When you decide to join in one, go to the story managing page and select the tag of competition name in the Participate tab.

5.Introduction to the Dashboard

The Dashboard is a useful function for writers to monetize their daily writing statuses and creations’ performances on Stary Writing. In this section, you can check the number of words you have updated on the last day and in a calendar month and how many days you have updated in a month. The data about the number of Reads, Followers, and Comments are also available on this page.

More functions are waiting for you to discover on Stary Writing.

Let’s start your writing with Stary Writing!

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