The Expression of Girl’s Power from “Why Women Kill”

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5 min readMay 13, 2020

In recent years, there have been a large number of films and television works about girl’s power. One of the most popular shows is “Why Women Kill,” which was released last year. It was about how three women from different eras in the same villa dealt with the infidelity in their marriages. While watching, we came to understand what “girl power” meant to each of them.

1. Be Independent before Becoming a Wife.

Rob and Beth were typical couples in the 1960s. The husband was the bread-winner, and the wife was a full-time housewife.

In the eyes of outsiders, the couple had a great relationship, and even Rob thought that he was very good to Beth. He provided her with a wealthy lifestyle, and he treated her like a noble lady, but he was frequently disrespectful to her as well. For instance, he asked his wife for more coffee by tapping the edge of the cup. This gesture turned the request into an order. He would also use this gesture to address waiters. This seemingly insignificant detail happened to prove the inequality of their marriage. The wife must obey her husband, and his needs should determine everything she does. At that period in time, Men had full control over their family, and especially over housewives like Beth, who had no income and could only rely on their husbands.

In addition to this, Rob prevented Beth from making changes or finding the real herself. In his eyes, he could always find something interesting about his lover, and all Beth needed to do was to keep everything the same. What’s more, Rob also controlled Beth by degrading her. Maybe what he did seemed normal, but by controlling Beth, he forced her to give up her dream of being a pianist.

Fortunately, Beth’s attitude towards her husband began to change slowly as her relationship with her neighbor grew. She no longer focused on him, and she began to gradually form an independent personality. She realized that, as a woman, she had a lot of choices, and she changed from a naive and straightforward housewife to an independent, self-improved woman. Finally, she tore off his mask of hypocrisy.

Likely, we can see something of ourselves in Beth. In this way, we should remind ourselves that if we allow ourselves to become a shadow of others, then we will lose an essential part of ourselves in our attempt to please another.

Keep in mind that girl’s power means that you don’t have to be anyone other than who you are.


2. Be Proud and Confident

If you watched this show, you would be deeply attracted by Simone, as I was. Her husband, Karl, said, “The entrance she made, designer gown, dripping in diamonds. You could tell from the way she walked that she knew she was fabulous.”

Simone’s style was bright and strong. She was different from the traditional woman-weak character. She was healthy and confident about her style. Simone wore her strong aura like a suit of armor that she never took off, and wherever she appeared, she became the focus of everyone’s attention.

When Simone realized that her husband had cheated on her, she helped him pack up his luggage and told him to leave her house. When Karl pretended to take sleeping pills, Simone called an ambulance leisurely, and then slapped him to “wake” him. She had a unique charming personality that was undeniable, and because of her self-confidence, she was able to be in a relationship with a guy twenty years younger than she was and stayed calm when her former friend ridiculed her for her actions.

In the last episode, Simone decided to stay with Karl, who was seriously ill. In fact, high medical expenses almost bankrupted them. When the paintings on the walls and the furniture at home disappeared one by one, the expensive makeup that Simone typically wore also disappeared. Nevertheless, Simone held her head high. She walked around sans makeup, strong and confident, making this one of the most beautiful moments in the program.

Maybe she could give us some inspiration about what is the true beauty of women? After all, external beauty will inevitably disappear, but great pride and self-confidence never fade away.


3. Women Can Save Themselves. No Prince Charming Needed.

The story about the third couple involves, who was the saddest female character in the whole drama. Jade had a modern side: sexual freedom; she was straightforward about her feelings and her bisexuality. She had another side to her, though: a cowardly, extremely dependant inferiority complex.

Jade had a partner that she was with because she wanted to be taken care of, even though she was better at taking care of others than she was at being taken care of. Jade had a high IQ and EQ. She was very good at cooking and cleaning. With all of these skills, Jade shouldn’t have needed to depend on others for a living. She could have earned a living by herself very easily, so how did she end up like this?

Jade ended up like this because she had never been loved. Jade was an orphan, and as a child, she’d frequently changed foster families. Her adoptive parents or others intentionally or unintentionally required her to be the harmless type: intelligent, sensible, and gentle.

She did this according to the requirements of others. She thought that as long as she was good enough, someone would rescue her. However, for various reasons, in the end, they all left Jade. And over time, she began to have feelings of doubt and anger, but she still longed for the love and security of a forever family. Jade had wanted to be saved, but she was abandoned time and time again.

After several cycles of hope and disappointment, her dark side was awakened and strengthened. She fell into new cycles of hatred and cruelty, and her life of murder and arson began.

If the character you’re writing happens to suffer from the same condition as Jade does, let her face up to her inner fear. Women are born no worse than anyone else. And all women have it within themselves to save themselves.