Three Genres Worth Trying in 2021 — Stary Writing Academy II has been launched on Ringdom

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4 min readMar 17, 2021

The Romance book sales enjoyed an unexpected growth in the past year. According to The NPD Group, 16.2 million Romance e-books and print books were sold from January to May 2020 in the USA. Stary Writing Academy also sparked a romance craze among writers and readers. The first Stary Writing Academy writing competition received more than 10,000 submissions in 2020.

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Meanwhile, Stary Writing Academy realized the Fantasy, Game, and Sci-fi books are experiencing an increase with the dramatic growth of isekai stories. In 2021, Stary Writing Academy believes these genres would spark another writing craze. For authors who attempt to extent readership, these three writing genres are worthy of trying.

Isekai and the New Trending

A little-known story category called isekai from Japan is now growing rapidly in the American and European markets. Isekai is a Japanese-English term, which means “other world.” The hero in such a story is typically an ordinary who transported from the Earth, then reborn or otherwise trapped in a parallel universe, fantasy world, or virtual game. This kind of story usually includes fantasy or sci-fi elements.

Most isekai stories are written in a simpler and more approachable style. It has been one of the most popular categories in the Japanese book market, with series like RE: Zero selling between 600,000 to 800,000 copies in Japan alone yearly. Meanwhile, a great number of isekai stories have been adapted into animations in recent years, which attract American and European readers. The demand for translation of these works keeps growing. A publisher said, “there seems to be no stopping the isekai explosion, which has been steadily growing and growing in the last few years.”

First light novel volume cover of RE: Zero. (Wikipedia)

The popularity of isekai stories releases the demand for fictional works with Fantasy, Game, and Sci-fi elements. An increasing number of readers worldwide start enjoying these stories, but not many isekai stories are written in English. Stary Writing Academy has realized this trend and believed three writing genres would become the new trending in 2021.

1. Fantasy

In recent years, many Fantasy stories tell a story that the hero travels to a fantasy world and experiences adventure to become great. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Chronicles of Narnia are representative works of this genre. In the 21st century, the fantasy world in this genre has been extended to the multiverse, and included diverse elements like alien civilizations, Norse mythology, the Renaissance, etc. For instance, Gantz is a Japanese Fantasy manga series that contains alien invasion, Japanese mythical creatures, Chinese mythology elements, etc. These series have sold more than 23 million copies from 2000 to 2013.

Cover of Gantz. (Wikepedia)

2. Game

If you had already watched the movie Ready Player One, you might have a basic idea about this genre. The hero or heroine enters or is trapped in a game or a virtual world where he or she should defeat mobs and boss to become the strongest player. Sometimes the virtual world and the real world will intersect. What happens in the virtual world will impact the real world or ruin the real world. In this situation, the hero or heroine needs to master and apply game skills to save the world.

3. Sci-fi

Apocalyptic is one of the up-rising sub-genres of Science fiction. The core of Apocalyptic is not to discuss hardcore scientific theory or technique but to talk about the horror or dystopia when the Earth’s civilization be collapsing or has collapsed. In an Apocalyptic, the hero or heroine also bears the responsibility to save the world during a pandemic fiction, a zombie apocalypse, or an alien invasion.

If you are interested in genres like Fantasy, Game, Sci-fi, etc., or attempt to write these kinds of new genres, here is an excellent choice for you.

Stary Writing Academy II has been launched on Ringdom to call for adventure stories. Authors can submit stories for free and gain basic guidance about these genres. The first prize winner will win the chance to get hardcover published. Also, this competition provides all the winners with a grand 115,500 USD cash prize.

For more information about the Stary Writing Academy II, please check here. To join the discussion about writing genres, you can go to our Facebook page.