Tips you need to know about how to write a YA book

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3 min readOct 8, 2018

Dreame is a female-oriented reading platform where female writers can find the inspiration to create new worlds for female readers. The other day we interviewed one of the most popular writers on Dreame -- Vrinda. This is her experience when she crafts her work His Purchased Wife with over one hundred thousand reads.

Q: If you had to describe His purchased wife to readers, what are the first things that come to mind?

Vrinda: Love after marriage and perilous cliffhangers abound.

Q: There are many factors involved in the story, like business disputes, revenge, love, and drama. So how did you manage to weave so many factors into a single, cohesive plot?

Vrinda: I took clear notes of what I wanted to show in my story and outlined a plot of my story on the basis of that outline alone. I have read His Purchased wife nearly five times to check if I have overlooked any a plot points in between, that they perfectly weave together.

Q: Is there a specific reason that you to enjoy writing books in the romance genre?

Vrinda: Nopes. My first book was a detective novel and my next will be werewolf one, so you can’t say that I love romance only.

Q: Do you prefer a heroine with a tragic past?

Vrinda: Yup, I think so. I love it when the hero comes and makes her life happy, raising her out of her life’s tragedy. And I think my fans love it, too. I know now badass female characters are popular. But sometimes as a writer for a specific niche market, it’s not a bad choice to comply with your own taste.

Q: Where did you get the idea for His Purchased Wife?

Vrinda: Actually, my uncle was pretty brutal toward aunt — not like Liam, but I take a few scenes and ideas from their love life.

Q: What were the challenges when you are developing your characters and dealing with their interconnectedness — their relationships?

Vrinda: I sometimes feel that my characters will not be liked by my readers and this is a big deal for me. I’ve been lucky so far, mind, and have not had any characters criticized too harshly, yet. I also feel that my characters can be way too mature compared to their age so I have to edit them a lot. Reworking their dialogue and such.

Q: What are your top three tips for writing?


1. Keep reading new books.

2. Don’t give up if you fail to get new readers.

3. Keep reading and re-reading your books to find flaws

Q: Do you have any tips for character development?

Vrinda: Study your environment and you will find the character in your mom, sister, and friends.

Next time we will post some writing tips or book recommendation. Hope to see you next time