Whatever Newcomers or Skilled Writers, No One Can Ignore Online Writing

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3 min readAug 13, 2021


Online reading has developed rapidly in recent years, becoming a convenient and attractive form of entertainment. Meanwhile, online reading is becoming increasingly important for the culture and creative industries. The popularity of online reading is leading to an increase in the number of online writers.

Everyone can write and create, but not everyone’s works and talents will be recognized. The Internet allows everyone to write and share their stories, which is why online writing is becoming a new trend. When people type on the keyboard and share their works online, whoever they are, wherever they come from, whatever the backgrounds they have, etc., they are just writers. In addition, after publishing works online, the Internet would help spread them widely and reach more readers than the authors could imagine.

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The Macro Environment of Online Fiction

The market for online fiction is experiencing a considerable increase. According to some statistics on the Internet, there are nearly 350 million users of online reading, and the market scale has reached 9 billion. More importantly, the user base of online reading is still growing. This phenomenon also attracts a large group of people to write online.

The Advantages of Writing Online

Convenient is the keyword of online fiction. Reading is convenient, as well as creating. Compared to the traditional publishing industry, online writing is more approachable for most writing enthusiasts. There is almost no threshold or strict standard about writing online. With an Internet-connected computer or even a smartphone, everyone can write a story and share it with readers around the world.

High exposure is another keyword for writing online. Living in a digital era, all of us have a deep understanding of how fast information spreads on the Internet. When it comes to online writing, it turns into higher exposure. Once a novel is published online, it might be read by people all over the world. Online writing platform also aims to assist writers in reaching more readers.

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Things Online Writers Need to Know

Mastering writing is not easy, neither when people write online. Especially the reading habit of people who read online is different from paper book fans. When people read online fiction, they are looking for good stories, seeking comfort and excitement in their hearts. They desire empathy and resonance. A clear narrative and a straightforward description can satisfy their needs. These are also the essential elements for a best-selling online story.

Additionally, when people decide to publish their works online, it is essential to find the right platform. For instance, blog websites would not be the first choice for most fiction writers, while online reading platforms own a huge group of fiction lovers. There are various writing competitions online for writers who have different interests in writing. By taking part in these contests, writers would have gained the chance to communicate with other writers and improve their writing skills.

In the past three years, Stary Writing has launched a variety of online writing activities. All these events have achieved a lot of support from users. This month, the Stary 3rd Anniversary is in full swing and calls for more writers to take part in the party. Whatever newcomers or mature writers, every writing enthusiast can have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes with writing, even win the chance to get their stories published into paper books.

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